Carrying the banner of RAW 80s' thrash high and proud, Spain's undisputed rulers of axe thrash metal return with their third strike. Leaving no neck unharmed in its wake, Metal Fist Destroyer is as subtle as a bazooka up your ass. If you worship at the altar of Blood Fire Death, Obsessed By Cruelty, War And Pain, Seven Churches and the likes you don't want to miss this filthy beast.

1. Chant Of The Reapers
2. Grim Reaper
3. Metal Fist Destroyer
4. Battle Beast
5. Possessed By Steel
6. Time To Die
7. Batallion Of Punishment Under A Bullet Storm
8. Queen Of The Thousand Sorrows
9. Kill The Bastard
10. Obliteration
11. Wild Forces
12. Korgüll The Exterminator
13. Revenge Of The Dead (CD bonus track)


LP, ltd. 500 copies incl. A2 poster
Jewelcase CD w/bonus track.


"Korgull The Exterminator have crafted an album that is violent, aggressive and morbidly unique.  It has such individual personality and bestial intent that you will be forced to confront its brutality head on.  The only problem is that you will LOSE!  This album is insanely rabid and will rape your soul.  One of the year's best!!!!"
Nocturnal Cult

"Korgull The Exterminator now sound like the most awesome thrash metal band ever. This record is rambunctious and wild. Its violent vibes spill all over and at times sound like the right kind of revival; a new interpretation of thrash metal. The songs exemplify the violence the genre players always aspired to but could rarely put into music. The riffs, and there are only a couple repeatedad nauseum through different songs, are virulent and blazing and demark Korgull’s territory as the space that Voivod vacated sometime after Dimension Hatross. "
Deaf Sparrow

Queens Of Steel

Metal Zone